Corey Walgren Memorial Scholarship and Trophy

About the Scholarship

  • At the conclusion of each season the Naperville North Huskies Hockey Club awards the Corey Walgren Memorial Trophy and a scholarship to a varsity player best exemplifies the spirit of Huskies hockey. This player has earned the respect of teammates and coaches through dedication, hustle and exemplary sportsmanship.
  • This player consistently motivates and supports teammates on the ice and is a friend to all off the ice.

2023 Scholarship Recipient - Max Carsello

Max Carsello 2022-2023 recipient

Pictured: Max Carsello, Doug Walgren. March 17, 2023

Past Scholarship Recipients

Lance Francoeur, 2022

Tyler Zuspann, 2021

Brett Hare, 2020

Brett Martin, 2019 Mizzou Hockey #21

Michael Hall, 2018 Illinois DII Hockey #91

Zach Rang, 2017

Chicago Blackhawks Special Hockey

In both 2018 and 2019, Corey's Goal donated $5,000 to the Chicago Blackhawks Special Hockey organization.

Corey P. Walgren